2016 Physician As Customer Survey - Oct. 11

​​The Physician As Customer Survey will arrive by email on Oct. 11 and will be available until Oct. 31.

  • - The confidential survey takes 10-15 minutes and can be taken on a mobile device.

  • - The survey will be conducted by Press Ganey, one of the country’s leading opinion research firms focused on the health care industry. No one will see specific, individual surveys. Only aggregated results will be shared.

  • - The survey email from Press Ganey will be sent to hospital and BMG physicians with active (Active, Provisional and Sr. Active) and referring status categories.

We encourage all physicians who receive the survey to please take a few moments to send us your feedback. Direct feedback from our physicians is very important to us.

Pursuit Of Clinical Excellence

This isn’t just about sending a survey to physicians. This is about our relentless pursuit of clinical excellence. Our drive to establish medical best practices throughout the health system begins with physicians actively setting the agenda to achieve clinical consistency.

We are committed to acting on physician feedback to spur real change and real improvements. It won’t happen overnight because changing our culture is a difficult process. But this is a top priority for us because we know strong physician engagement and collaboration leads to better patient experiences and improved quality of patient care. 

All communication materials and toolkits are posted on the Intranet and can be found on the homepage. We also will make available response rates for each location so we can keep track of how we are doing.

The team has been engaged with hospital presidents and medical staff offices for the past 30 days on this initiative, and we are finalizing the recipient lists that we will provide to Press Ganey.

Starting September 26, we will send a save-the-date email from Dr. Bruce Flareau, BayCare's executive vice president and chief medical officer, to all physicians who will receive the survey. Then, 1 week before the survey, we will send a second email with a video message from Dr. Flareau encouraging physicians to participate in the process.

2016 Physician As Customer Survey - Oct. 11