BayCare's Advertising Campaign Centered On 'Humanity At Work'

Humanity At Work

BayCare’s new, multi-faceted branding campaign brings to life the medical excellence and human values that guide the organization as it strives to make health care better.

For the first time since BayCare was formed 20 years ago, we are making an investment to showcase who we are and what we stand for as an organization.

The campaign poses questions we are asking as we work to make health care better by improving access to services and communication with patients. The campaign began with "teaser" billboards throughout our market.

The official launch will be the Super Bowl when we unveil a thought-provoking, TV advertisement asking "If humanity can make the world a better place, imagine what it can do for health care?” This TV spot will air in local markets only during the game.

Moving forward throughout the year, messages on billboards, in newspapers and on TV will focus on how BayCare is making health care better for all we serve.


Sample Billboard Ads








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BayCare's Advertising Campaign Centered On 'Humanity At Work'