Health Information Exchange

​​hie logo.jpgBayCare Health System’s community Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a fast and secure way for authorized health care providers to access and share information that will assist in providing quality health care for the patients that have provided their consent to participate. 

Advantages of an HIE

  • In emergencies, the HIE provides fast access to allergy information, previous X-rays, test results and other medical records
  • When there is not an emergency, the HIE allows care providers to quickly and securely view previous treatment records, lab results, medication history and other information without having to rely on phone calls, fax messages or mail.
  • Secure electronic access to medical data improves the quality of care by reducing medication and medical errors that can happen with locating and sending paper records.

How is Information Secured by the BayCare HIE?

BayCare has established safeguards to secure health information. The BayCare HIE follows federal and state laws, and state and local policies to protect  health information.

Health Information Exchange