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A Note From Our New CMO, Dr. Nishant Anand



I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my excitement about being part of the team. I have the privilege of serving as the new executive vice president and chief medical officer for BayCare. 

My background includes obtaining a medical degree from Mayo Medical School in Minnesota and completing my residency training in emergency medicine at the Stanford/Kaiser Emergency Medicine Program. I’ve had the good fortune to lead a large-provider ED group, train and educate medical students and residents as an EM residency director, and serve as a hospital and health system network CMO in both Phoenix and Houston. Most recently I have served ​as the CMO and chief transformation officer at Adventist Health System, the parent company of Florida Hospital. 

Now that you have my background, what I really want to share is what drives me, and what I hope we can accomplish together.

What matters to me, both professionally and personally, is feeling like we are making a positive impact on our community by improving the health of those we serve. I suspect this is what motivated many of us to choose our profession. In addition to improving the lives of patients and family members, it is vital that we make it easier for our physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians to do this ​important work. 

I view medicine as a team sport, so I’d like to spend at least the first 60 days here on what I call a “listening tour.”

I want to get to know you, learn how things operate here, and start to identify the successes we can capitalize on and the areas of opportunity for improvement. There are a lot of great activities going on throughout BayCare, and I’d like to learn about them and what I can do to support them. 

After leading health care in a few cities now, I have come to believe that the challenges are generally the same. The key to great patient care is having clinicians who want to make a difference and feel confident that they can speak up. So I would like to hear your ideas. I can’t always say yes, but I can always listen and strongly consider the ideas and suggestions. 

I have an open door policy, and invite you to come and talk to me. Swing by my office in the BayCare System Office or shoot me an email with your suggestions. If I am able to, I’d be happy to meet with you in your office. I’m also going to spend time in our hospitals and ambulatory centers. Please say hello when you see me in the halls and share your ideas with me. 

Health care is in a time of change, and together, there’s a great deal we can accomplish. I look forward to working with you! ​


A Note From Our New CMO, Dr. Nishant Anand