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BayCare Report To The Community

BayCare Team,

I am proud to share our first Report to the Community.

When you have a moment, please take a look at the report, read the information and watch the videos.

I hope you can share with your friends, family and neighbors the same sense of pride that we have for being part of BayCare’s commitment to not-for-profit health care.

The website address is

No matter what your role is at BayCare, we all played a part in creating the successes highlighted in this report, which is being shared with business and government leaders, Tampa Bay residents, and others in our industry.

This multimedia report goes beyond just numbers and financial figures, and tells touching stories of real people who may not have gotten the health care they needed without the safety net that BayCare provides to the community, regardless of ability to pay.

We also let the community know that our number one priority is our drive to clinical excellence in everything we do. We are going to use this annual report to keep the community informed of our progress going forward.

I hope you can take some time to look at our first Report to the Community and share the information with pride. We are an extraordinary team of team members, physicians and board members, focused on extraordinary care, and we couldn't do this without you.


Tommy Inzina

BayCare Report To The Community