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Is This Why You Haven't Taken The Survey?


The Physician as Customer Survey runs from Oct. 6 – Oct. 31. Take it here

​Myth 1: Surveys are a waste of time because nothing ever happens.

Nothing could be further from the truth! BayCare places a great deal of weight on physicians’ comments and suggestions in these surveys, and expends considerable resources in time, money and energy to make sure we get the most accurate and reliable information possible from them. We want to know how physicians regard their ability to care for patients at BayCare facilities compared with physicians at other health systems around the country. And we want to see whether issues that were raised by physicians from previous years have shown improvement.  

The truth is, by not expressing your opinion in the survey, you’re conveying the exact opposite sentiment: The problem must have been fixed since it isn’t mentioned in this year’s survey.

Myth #2: BayCare tracks individual physician’s comments and responses.

This again is not the case. We use Press Ganey to administer the survey, and its credibility (and thus future as a company) depends on ensuring complete confidence for survey results. They only release the information from the survey questions and overall response rates. I’ve been in health systems that use Press Ganey for surveys for several decades and have never heard of even a single breach of confidentiality in all of that time.  Of course, I strongly encourage ongoing, frequent and straightforward communication between physicians and administrators. Hearing about opportunities to improve our care is valuable when we see it in a formal survey. It is even more valuable when a physician sits down with us and has a conversation about the issue.  

Myth #3: Physician survey results are kept secret and never shared with physicians.  

Every physician should have the opportunity to see the results of the survey, and know how his or her hospital fared. Individual results, of course, as we’ve already explained, are not available to anyone. Overall results are shared widely. To be honest, this is an area we could improve. My experience is that after sharing results with multiple groups, it feels like everyone has seen them, when that may not be the case. If you haven’t seen the results of this year’s survey by the end of November, and would like to see them, talk to your respective CMO, hospital president or Medical Staff Office, and they should be able to make sure you see them.  If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll make sure you see your hospital’s results.

Myth 4: The reason survey results are not shared with physicians is because the results show physicians don’t like BayCare.

As I mentioned in Myth 3, the first part of this myth is false. We are eager to share results of the survey with physicians, and are happy to arrange for any physician who wishes to see them. Fortunately, the second part of this question is also incorrect. Our physicians rate their experience at BayCare facilities highly, and our overall scores are among the highest in the country. This is not at all surprising to those of us who have worked for different health systems in other parts of the country. BayCare places a great deal of emphasis on ensuring physicians have all the tools they might need to provide the best care possible for their patients. BayCare gives serious consideration to physician feedback and, where possible, steps are taken to support the physician. Some problems in health care are intractable and, given the regulatory, legal, contractual, and other constraints we have, not every problem is easily fixable. Nevertheless, there is no question that our care has improved considerably each successive year, thanks to our partnership with you as our physicians. We would like nothing better than to continue this remarkable partnership that has created such a strong, vibrant health care system.  

With all that said, the survey closes on Wednesday, Oct. 31. If you haven’t yet taken the survey, I encourage you to do so. 


Is This Why You Haven't Taken The Survey?