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Physician Involvement in Driving Clinical Excellence

​Today we have more than 20 published evidence-based clinical standards that your colleagues have developed and loaded onto the physician portal. Yet the real measure of reliably-delivered clinical excellence is not simply having clinical standards, but how we deploy them. As busy practitioners, we must learn to adopt, rather than reinvent existing, evidence-based standards while simultaneously finding ways in which to consistently practice to those standards.

The journey to sustainable clinical excellence does not stop here.

The next iteration of excellence is to move beyond just delivering upon an existing body of knowledge and instead begin contributing to a new body of knowledge. Increasingly, our order sets are becoming more sophisticated with evidence-based care components, but there remains much work to be done. Who better to engage in that work than you, our practicing physicians?

We have numerous examples where this is already the case with our clinical research minded physicians and performance improvement initiatives. 103 studies were opened in 2017, with 64 of those led by physicians from various specialties across our hospitals. At this year’s Quality Sharing Day, 24 physicians were involved in finding new and better ways in which to deliver great care. We now have an internal journal that is being compiled to share this strong work. 

So adopting, using and even creating evidence-based clinical knowledge to improve care is essential, but how might a physician become more engaged? One really exciting area of opportunity centers on our clinical service lines. Cardiology has paved the way, producing an annual report of their outcomes. Other service lines are beginning that journey. Engaging our physicians in these service lines, producing actionable data and creating new innovations and clinical best practices is the exciting work that lies ahead. Only in this way can we become - and remain - the clinically excellent organization we strive to be.   

If you are holding back from participating in a clinical service line, I would encourage you to push through it and engage. If you are finding reasons not to adopt industry best clinical standards, I urge you to move beyond this and instead focus upon appropriate utilization and deployment of those standards. No matter where you are in the change adoption curve, this all translates to consistent, clinically excellent care. 

There are far more clinical standards to be developed. Let’s use our minds, our intellect and the passion that brought us into health care to advance these simple evidence-based care delivery concepts. In addition to driving clinical excellence, finding your center around delivering great care can be the antidote for burnout. Highly engaged physicians are not deflated, but rather energized, by this kind of purposeful work. As a system we are doing everything we know to do to increase physician inclusivity, physician engagement and physician leadership. We are creating programs and changing a culture, becoming one unified team, physicians and staff alike, driving an agenda of passion, vitality and clinical excellence. 

Let’s lead the nation in adoption, deployment and precision around what is, while we simultaneously create what should be.

Physician Involvement in Driving Clinical Excellence