Physician Partners


What is BayCare Physician Partners?

BayCare Physician Partners consists of a Clinically Integrated Network (BPP CIN) and a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO (BPP ACO).  They are two separate physician-led legal entities wholly owned by BayCare Health System that consist of physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers. 

BPP CIN and BPP ACO are considered value-based care models.  In value-based models, health care providers and hospitals work together to provide BETTER CARE, BETTER HEALTH, AT LOWER COSTS.

 Our Scope and Size

As of Jan. 1, 2018, BayCare Physician Partners (BPP CIN and BPP ACO) has just over 180,000 attributed patients and is responsible for approximately $1.4 billion of medical spend.



In order to manage our patient population, we utilize a comprehensive portfolio of applications to support our population health initiatives; such as, complex care coordination, quality and efficiency performance and utilization management.

■ HealtheCare: Care Coordination Platform
■ HealtheRegistries: Quality Reporting Platform
■ HealtheAnalytics: Cost and Utilization Platform

Physician Engagement

Physician Engagement and Outreach is a critical component to our continued success. Our team works to supply our members with industry specific education, as well as, provider performance and patient level data to help guide patient care.


Care Coordination

Our multidisciplinary team works to provide a coordinated, systematic approach to support and navigate BPP attributed patients throughout the continuum of care. Our team utilizes a variety of resources and tools to support participating providers and patients.

Programs Offered:

■ Transitions of Care: Attributed patients receive a call within 48 hours of discharge from a BayCare    facility

■ Post-Acute Care Team: Monitors and Works to reduce patient SNF length of stay

■ Disease Management: Work to educate and empower patients with CHF, COPD or Diabetes to manage and improve their overall health

■ Complex Care Management: Work with high acuity patients to ensure their physical, behavioral and social needs are being met

■ Stay Healthy: Work collaboratively with participating providers and patients to close gaps for contractual quality measures

■ Pharmacy Support: Work with patients to provide comprehensive medication review and support providers with complex patient cases


To contact one of BPP Provider Relations Specialist, please email:

Physician Partners