Credentialing FAQs

What is BayCare's Credentialing Database?                       

Cactus - Authoritative Provider Identity for BayCare to standardize to a single system with like processes throughout BayCare and feeds the downstream systems. 

What is AppCentral?

It is where all of the Credentialing Application Processes take place (Pre Application, Initial Application and Reappointment Application). 

What is an AppCentral ID?

This is an ID that the provider creates which is unique but easy for you to remember.  Your ID must be alpha numeric and at least 5 characters in length. 

What happens if I forgot my password?

You will need to sign in using your AppCentral ID and then click on "Having trouble accessing your account? Click here."   A temporary password will be sent to the primary email on record. 

Why can't I submit the required documents?

The documents must be in a PDF Format only.   

How do I know when the Pre Application has been sent?

When the Pre Application is complete the green submit button will light up at the top/bottom of the page and you will need to click on this to submit. 

How do I know when the Pre Application has been approved?

You will receive an email from AppCentral stating the Pre Application has been "accepted."  At this point you will receive an email from AppCentral containing the link to your full application process.  Please note: once you receive this email from AppCentral you will no longer need to log into this portal for this process.

Credentialing FAQs