Terms and Conditions


Authorization to use the Physicians' Portal system is contingent upon my acceptance of the following terms of use.


  1. I understand that information created, stored and processed in the Physicians' Portal system may be protected by law.
  2. I will protect the privacy of patient information at all times.
  3. I shall use the access granted to me for business purposes only.
  4. I shall use my access for authorized and lawful purposes only.
  5. I shall keep my unique and individually assigned UserIDs and passwords secret and not use the UserID and password of another.
  6. I shall not add, modify, or other alter the systems in any way.
  7. I shall not create, download, transfer, or email content that is or may be construed as offensive and discriminatory to others.
  8. I shall log off the system when I am away from my workstation and when I no longer have an immediate need for access.
  9. My use of BayCare systems may be audited.
  10. I shall report immediately inappropriate access, suspicious activity, and actual or suspected breach in security or privacy to BayCare Health System Data Security Office at (727) 467-4700.
  11. I understand that my failure to comply with the terms of use may result in:
    a. Revocation of access to BayCare systems.
    b. Civil and criminal penalties.

By logging onto any BayCare system, I acknowledge my acceptance of the terms of use.

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