Emergency Procedures

Everyone is responsible for providing a safe environment for customers and team members. Report any environmental risks such as spills, equipment failure or electrical hazards to a team member. In the event of an environment of care incident, refer to the manager/AOD.

  • Emergency Codes
  • Refer to the Emergency Code badge card
  • Request replacement cards from the Medical Staff Office
  • Fire Procedures
  • Remember the acronyms RACE and PASS
  • Do not open a door with smoke coming from behind it
  • Stay in place until the "All Clear" is called

Rescue – people in the immediate area of the fire
Alarm – activate the fire alarm
Contain – to help contain the fire, close all doors
Evacuate or Extinguish – if the fire is small, assist with patient evacuation or use a fire extinguisher and remember PASS.

P – Pull the pin on the handle of the fire extinguisher.
A – Aim at the base of fire.
S – Squeeze the hand lever.
S – Sweep at the base of the fire, not at the flames.

Contact the Administrator On Duty (AOD.)