​Influenza Vaccination

All credentialed members are required to either receive the flu vaccination or complete a
Vaccination Declination Form by November 30 each year, with compliance rates reported
to CMS. Credentialed members who receive the flu vaccine will receive a flu shot sticker
annually to be placed on their ID badge as defined in this policy.

  • A flu shot sticker will be provided to credentialed members, at the time of vaccination, if administered by Employee Health.
  • Credentialed members who receive a flu vaccination from a provider other than Employee Health (their primary care physician, a retail pharmacy, etc.):


  1. Must provide approved documentation (proof of vaccination as defined) to Medical Affairs/Medical Staff by November 30 each year
  2. A written attestation is also considered approved documentation for physicians of having received the influenza vaccine, available on the BayCare Physician Portal.
  3. Upon receipt of proof of vaccine, Medical Affairs/Medical Staff will provide a flu shot sticker to the credentialed member.

Credentialed members who elect not to receive a flu vaccination, regardless of whether
they have a valid medical or religious exemption:

  • Must complete the Vaccine Declination Form and submit it to Medical Affairs/Medical Staff office by November 30 each year. The form is available on the BayCare Physician Portal. Completion of the form will include checking a specific reason for declining the vaccine.
  • Will be required to wear a surgical mask while at work, as defined in the mask guidelines included in this policy, between December 1 and March 31.

Flu Vaccine