Stroke Evidence Based Practice

  • Thrombolytic therapy received within 180 minutes from onset of symptoms for all ischemic STK patients
  • DVT prophylaxis initiated prior to the end of hospital day two
  • Antithrombotic therapy prescribed by the end of hospital day two and at discharge for ischemic STK patients
  • Anticoagulation therapy ordered at discharge for STK patients with chronic or current atrial fibrillation/flutter
  • Statin medication prescribed at discharge for STK patients with a documented LDL ≥100, on a cholesterol reducer prior to admission and/or if the LDL is not measured
  • Stroke education received for all STK patients (risk factors, discharge medications, signs and symptoms of stroke, how to access EMS and MD follow up)
  • Rehabilitation assessment performed during hospital stay for all STK patients unless discharged home with Outpatient Rehab Services
  • Head CT/MRI scan results for within 45 minutes of arrival for emergency department outpatients
  • Last known scan must be documented